RE'Z Associates is an experienced creative team that has worked in the advertising market for years. Owner, Recinda "Cyndi" Robinson, has been in the business for over 20 years. From local newspapers ,ad agencies, TV,billboards and more, she's sold it, bought it and knows all the tricks of the advertising game. Bottom line...RE'Z Associates brings you customers and most of all ..saves you money on advertising.


The most important ingredient to advertising is developing brand recognition.  RE'Z Associates provides a full range of services  that guarantee a complete and consistent advertising and branding campaign for your business.

 TV. Print. Direct Mail. Billboards. Social Media ,Promotional Products.
Are you getting the best prices?
Do you really have time to listen and meet with all those sales reps?
Hmmmm...didn't think so.

We are not your typical Ad Agency. We don't take 15% agency fee and then have you hire other companies to work on the creative. We develop and design your print , web and billboard ads, write the creative copy for your TV & radio ads, and even find the production company as well as the talent , makeup artist and wardrobe for the TV commercial shoot. Rez Associates can also create a unique logo ,or jingle for your business.You receive one affordable fee for EVERYTHING!, Yes EVERYTHING.